Foodscale Hub is an Impact Venture Studio working to accelerate the shift towards tech-enabled innovations in the agrifood sector.


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An amazing team with big ideas and strong execution

At Foodscale Hub, we explore. We experiment. We grow. A real team (an incredible team) with individual talents, creative ideas, effective strategies, and strong execution to fuel growth. So, as you look to the future, choose a partner who can help position your venture as a market leader and thought leader, giving you valuable visibility to the European agrifood ecosystem and support you in building a culture of growth.

One who is there with energy for the long haul. Who provides a seamless, integrated experience that allows you to focus on other priorities. And who truly grasps your business and culture, making it an easy and enjoyable fit. That is the initiative that Foodscale Hub is here for. To strengthen your positioning. To expand your markets. To drive your profit. Let us help you build creative, sustainable routes to growth. It’s what we do best.



Founder & President


Darko Mandich is an entrepreneur with experience launching ventures in the food and biotechnology industries both in Europe and the United States. Driven by his commitment to giving back to the community he started from, he founded Foodscale Hub. His vision is to make a positive impact on the future startup ecosystems that are creating solutions empowering the wellbeing of humankind and our planet. He is very passionate about bees, and his latest venture MeliBio is set to use science to produce honey without bees and remove the pressure of commercial beekeeping on wild and native bee species.




Prof. Mladen Radišić is a university professor in the area of Business and Finance, and he has the position of CEO at Foodscale Hub. Mladen has been holding various management positions and has participated in numerous EU-funded projects (CIP/COSME, FP7/H2020, etc.). He has previous experience in running large-scale projects and organization of international EU-funded business accelerator programs.  These projects and programs have delivered more than 12 mEUR to more than 150 European SMEs and startups, covering sectors such as agrifood, ICT, manufacturing, logistics, health, finance, energy, and environment. His fields of interest are financial and small business management, international project management.



VP for Business Development

Grigoris Chatzikostas is an expert in financing innovation in agtech and foodtech. He is managing multi-national and cross-sectoral consortia, developing proposals for EU funding, and coordinating large-scale projects that promote tech-enabled entrepreneurship in the agrifood sector. In the past 15 years, he has managed projects exceeding the total value of 100 mEUR. He has delivered programs supporting more than 150 startups and SMEs with pre-seed funding and business support services. As a passionate and engaging public speaker and trainer, he makes complex subjects related to EU funding and technologies accessible and easy to understand. He also offers mentoring and strategic consulting to a small number of carefully selected companies that are aligned with his interests.

Dimitris Fotakidis

Dimitris Fotakidis

Project Manager, Head of Thessaloniki office

Dimitris Fotakidis is an economist, graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece), and holds a MSc in informatics and management from the same university, combining the two fields of his expertise, economics and IT. Over the last 10+ years, Dimitris has conducted business and marketing plans and developed the digital presence of numerous European SMEs and organizations. He has proposal writing and project management experience on research & innovation projects mainly in the fields of IT, agtech and foodtech



Growth Lead

Maja Žikić is a Growth Strategist and Digital Marketing Coach. She has over six years of experience working at the intersection of business and technology, helping high-potential agrifood startups and scale-ups–in blockchain and IoT to AI and EO applications and services. Maja has in-depth know-how and expertise in public-funded innovation and R&I collaborative programs. In the last two years, she has been dedicated to empowering founders and entrepreneurs to make the transition to Product-Led growth. 


Dušan Pevac

Financial Manager

Dušan Pevac is a Financial Manager at Foodscale Hub. He has experience working as an external accountant and payroll associate, working mostly with SMEs and entrepreneurs. Before that, he was an intern at NIS (Gazprom Neft), where he assisted senior financial analysts in cash flow calculations and preparing internal financial publications.
Dušan got his bachelor’s degree in Finance, Banking, and Insurance and has completed his master’s thesis in Accounting and Audit.


Galina Žižakov

Project Manager

Galina Žižakov is a Project Manager and a Grant Writer. She has three years of international NGO experience in organizational leadership, project writing, implementation, and event management. As a member of the Board of European Students of Technology, she had an opportunity to collaborate with organizations across Europe and participate in multiple conferences and events. Furthermore, she developed her leadership and project management skills through her role as President of the local BEST group in Novi Sad. With a background in engineering management and business administration, she contributes to our organization’s business and project development.



Project Manager


Mirjana Trifković is a Project Manager with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Management. She was an active member of ESTIEM, the organization for IEM students who combine technological understanding with management skills. She gained practical knowledge in implementing various international and local projects and practiced her skills in marketing-oriented roles. Previously, she worked in Quality Management; she has experience developing, implementing, and administering the organization’s Quality Management System (QMS). She contributes to the FSH’s overall business development and marketing efforts with a strong passion for environmental issues.



Project Manager

Teodora Šišaković is a Project Manager and a graphic designer. She began her career in management, marketing and design in an international NGO. Teodora has 3 years of professional experience and a milestone of her career is the position of Design Department Coordinator—through this role she developed her leadership and project management skills. She is also a certified Junior Soft Skills trainer. At Foodscale Hub, Teodora will be mostly contributing to the implementation of projects focusing on dissemination, communication as well as SME support.



Project Manager

Vukašin Orsić is a Project Manager with a Master’s degree in Engineering Management & Project Management. He has two years of international NGO experience as a member of the youth organisation AEGEE, where he took a PR team member role. He has previously worked in the event industry, he is skilled when it comes to data mining, organizing hybrid events, trade fairs and online workshops. Vukašin is passionate about environmental issues, project management and marketing.


Mackenzie Baert

Project Manager

Mackenzie is a project manager at Foodscale Hub. She grew up in Canada and received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta, specialising in palaeontology and geology. Mackenzie relocated to Greece and recently completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Sustainability. She is passionate about environmental sustainability and protection and loves channelling her enthusiasm towards proposal writing and project management.


Christos Chiou

Project Manager

Christos is an administrative management, financial monitoring, and policy evaluation specialist, holding two Master’s degrees, in Economic Analysis and in Political Theory. An energetic, investigative personality, he has a long track record of planning academic and recreational events, patricipating in workshops, organizing processes, and mobilizing teams, equally as a student and a professional. His strong background in the humanities and ethics drive his enthusiasm for the primary sector of the economy and best business practices, both of which he considers key to future generations’ wellbeing.


milica klavžar

Junior Project Manager

Milica Klavžar is a Junior Project Manager with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Philology. Passionate about project management, she recently undertook a one-year program in the fundamentals of PM. Furthermore, she has over three years of experience working for an American NGO organization where she demonstrated her skills as an event manager, leader of volunteers and English translator and has proved herself as a reliable team member with a personable nature and positive communication style.

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