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Smart Droplets


Accelerating the achievement of EU Green Deal Goals for pesticide and fertilizer reduction through AI, data and robotic technologies

2022-2026 | € 2.998.370.00 | 101070496 | HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-09

About Smart Droplets

The conventional spraying methods result in excessive pesticide and fertilizer use, posing severe environmental impact – being
responsible for soil, water and air pollution, and harming non-target plants, insects, animals and humans.

Smart Droplets’ main objective is to advance both hardware and software capabilities to deliver a holistic system capable of translating large amounts of data into meaningful information and impactful spraying commands on the field.

To demonstrate substantial impact on the Green Deal, Smart Droplets will implement Autonomous retrofit tractors with Direct Injection System (DIS) for intelligent spraying – avoiding exposure of farmers to hazardous chemicals.

The Smart Droplets Consortium consists of all agricultural AI, data and robotics value chain actors, and is well balanced in terms of expertise, entity type, and geographical distribution necessary to meet its objectives.

Smart Droplets by numbers

  •        Developed Digital Twins prediction scheme offers increased accuracy on plant growth and disease appearance
  •        Developed Digital Twin’s recommendation scheme offers significant reduction in chemical use.
  •        Reduce the water use for spraying
  •        Profit increase by double digits from optimized use of resources and increased yield
  •        More than 1000 stakeholders engaged in community building events
  •        Up to 7 Smart Droplets products/services reaching the market
  •       Two pilot systems to test the solution

Our role in the project

As Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication (DEC) leaders FSH is dealing with tasks such as (I) set up a clear and strategic DEC plan (II) build a strong visual identity and communication strategy;
(III) maximise synergies with relevant stakeholders ; (IV) craft a roadmap for market uptake, sustainability and scalability of Smart Droplets solution.


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