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Innovative solutions for transparency

T he aim of the TITAN project is to restore the consumers’ broken trust in the food systems by increasing the transparency within the food value chain and provide the consumers with healthy and sustainable food choices.

How can transparency be best used to allow the consumer to make more informed food choices? How can the challenges to increase uptake of transparency solutions among food system actors as connectivity, interoperability, privacy, cost-efficiency, and low consumer confidence in the technologies be overcome? How can the latest technology developments be used to enhance transparency? How can such technology be made available and affordable to small businesses? There is a need to address these questions, to showcase best practices, latest business innovations and technologies, and inform policy within a demand-driven business environment.

Funding Program:
Horizon Europe
GA No.:
EC Funding:
€ 12.291.733,75

Transparency solutions for transforming the food system

Our role in the project

As the Open Call Manager and Exploitation leader, Foodscale Hub will have a very important role within the TITAN project. Within the TITAN Open Call, Foodscale Hub will lead the activities related to selecting and funding 8 external pilots (i.e. 24 SMEs) that will provide innovative solutions in food safety, sustainability and health and elevate the project’s impact beyond the consortium. In addition, Foodscale Hub will launch a Business Support Programme where they will provide business coaching sessions to both to TlTAN partners as well as pilots external to the consortium.

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