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new VALue landscapes for plant PROtein Pathways

2022-2026 | € 9.647.489,25 | 101059824 | HORIZON-CL6-2021-FARM2FORK-01

Valpro Path

Step by step, co-creating, validating and demonstrating new value landscapes that promote the sustainable and circular production of plant proteins for food and feed in the EU!

With an emphasis on underpinning economic value through nutrient use efficiency, protein quality, circularity and biodiversity, VALPRO Path is built on the principles of co-designing, demonstrating, and evaluating new models in an iterative manner.

VALPRO Path’s supporting elements will co-develop and exploit beyond state-of-the-art technical/logistical innovations, demonstrating and evaluating innovation potential through specific value chains across 5 ‘living lab’ innovative production systems (IPSs), designed to foster multi-actor engagement and interactive innovation across diverse regions, crops and economic opportunities.

Valpro Path by numbers

  •        25 partners from 10 European countries
  •        Focus on 5 climate-resilient protein crop varieties across 5 European pedo-climatic regions
  •        Running 5 multi-stakeholder ‘living lab’ Innovation Production Systems (IPSs)
  •        Delivering 10+ circular value-chain business models tailormade for IPSs co-created with multi-actor approach

Our role in the project

As Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication (DEC) leaders we will:
1. Shape effective dissemination, communication, and exploitation plan;
2. Promote VALPRO Path to targeted stakeholders and communities;
3. Bring together key players across the value chain & ensure continuous stakeholder engagement and collaboration throughout the project;
4. Strategically approach IP management; Map the competitive landscape and identify market opportunities;
3. Shape and design a go-to-market strategy and tailored-made business models for VALPRO Path’s exploitable assets.


Mladen Radišić


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