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WEBINAR by Ploutos: “Collaborative Sustainable Business Model Archetypes in Practice”

The upcoming webinar “Collaborative Sustainable Business Model Archetypes in Practice” is on the way!


In this online session, the Ploutos team will introduce a newly developed overview of collaborative sustainable business model archetypes, aimed to establish sustainability and value in the digital agri-food sector! Such archetypes are introduced, in order to describe a group of mechanisms and solutions for building business models for sustainability.


The experts from the Ploutos team will elaborate more on how those archetypes are being applied in real-life, by using a Ploutos’ Sustainable Innovation Pilot as an example. Participants will have the opportunity to gain more understanding and insights through an interactive session!


Don’t miss your chance to join on November 3 starting at 16:00 CET, register here!


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