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Discovering the value of data economy in European food systems

Despite the promise of data-driven innovation’s contribution to the digital transformation of food system, how to upscale adaptation and solidify widespread acceptance are missing. Data4Food2030 aims to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of the EU food system by improving the data economy for food systems (DE4FS).

This will include expanding its definition, mapping its development, performance and impact to create new insights and turn identified barriers to adoption into opportunities, recommendations and solutions. Nine case studies providing real-life examples of the DE4FS at micro- and meso-economic level, deploying data and technologies will be used to test and evaluate solutions together with stakeholder dialogue. Future scenarios including a roadmap to sustain the monitoring system and support policy development will also be developed.

Funding Program:
Horizon Europe
GA No.:
EC Funding:
€ 9.999.416,25

Pathways towards a fair, inclusive and innovative Data Economy for Sustainable Food Systems

Our role in the project

FSH leads WP6 Communication, outreach and impact maximization and utilize their expertise to effectively leverage existing networks and resources and deploy a set of multipliers to build and expand the Data4food ecosystem of food system stakeholders. FSH also aims to maximize the exploitation of results by offering an integrated toolkit for multiplying impact which will include an IPR management plan and a business model playbook.

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