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Introducing the FSH Startup Guides!

Embark on a seamless journey for founders to connect with investors and funds, as Foodscale Hub presents its groundbreaking initiative. Explore Serbian and Greek agtech and foodtech startup ecosystems, meticulously mapped out in two remarkable Startup Guides. Discover a treasure trove of startups, including select scale-ups, unveiling a realm of opportunities and untapped potential for lucrative investments.
Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity – explore it now and unlock the gateway to success!


Meet Greek and Serbia businesses that are leading the game in agtech and foodtech.

35 Greek  and  25 Serbian Startups participated in this guides.

To make sure this is as inclusive as possible we followed these 5 simple steps:

Collected info about all officially registered companies in Greece in the agritech and foodtech sectors.

Sent an email with a questionnaire to startups, to get info on their innovation, future plans, and mission.

Collected and edited all submitted materials.

Sent the final text to all participants for approval

Collected finalised material and gave it to our graphic designer to do their magic!


You can download our Startup Guides from the links below: