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20, Leontos Sofou str,
Thermi 57001, Thessaloniki

+ 30 (231) 046 2885

73, Narodnog Fronta str,
Novi Sad 21000, Serbia

+ 381 (21) 3030 080

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Constantly seeking talented and ambitious professionals

At FoodScale Hub, we place a strong emphasis on the concept of Brain Gain as a strategic approach to attract top-tier professionals to our offices in Greece and Serbia.

It’s not just about creating great and equal work opportunities for highly trained professionals from both inside and outside the European Union;  it’s about creating an environment where these professionals can continuously expand their intellectual horizons and contribute to our organisational mosaic by bringing along their unique cultural elements.

To make this happen, we offer ongoing training, a treasure trove of resources, and a healthy, ethical and sustainable work culture that allows our team members to keep growing and stay on the cutting edge of their fields, while being integrated to a new home country.

By embracing Brain Gain, we not only ensure our employees’ personal and professional development but also attract top-notch talents who are eager to be part of a company that values their intellectual growth and offers a thriving environment where they can truly excel.

Want to be part of our multicultural environment? We are constantly seeking talented and ambitious professionals to join our growing team. Seize the opportunity to send us your CV in English today!