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Bringing a real impact on society, means to actually support and inspire efforts that take sustainability – economic, environmental, social- one step further.

Our mission is to empower sustainable routes to growth by blending innovation with scaling. We proudly lead the charge in funding groundbreaking innovations across diverse sectors, offering equity-free financial support to startups, SMEs, and individual innovators throughout Europe and beyond. To make this happen, we’ve created opencallhub.eu, an online platform designed to streamline the funding process and rigorously select the most promising, market-ready projects for funding.

Through OpenCallHub, we also engage external evaluators to ensure process transparency. The platform efficiently gathers and evaluates submissions from participants, and the evaluators meticulously assess and score these applications. The culmination of this process is the creation of a ranked list, which dictates the selection of projects to be funded, setting in motion the funding process for the chosen initiatives!


Eager to submit your application?

We are looking for the world’s best solutions from the Agrifood-value chain from all stages and locations. If your business or you have:

a Creative Idea

an Interesting Solution

a Growing Plan

Check the available open calls in OpenCallHub.