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Paving the way for the European data space for agriculture

A griculture is at the crossroads of European priorities and the sector must be strengthened to achieve the lofty goals set in the Farm to Fork strategy of the European Green Deal. The sector must embrace digital technologies to achieve these strategic objectives and maintain a competitive position in the targeted digital platform market. Huge amounts of data from multiple sources in agri food, and generated in the context of policy implementations, have the potential to create additional services for farmers by assisting them in their decision-making processes and help to benchmark against their competitors. Moreover, there are more potential, yet unknown benefits of exchanging agricultural data among the several ecosystem players applying data technologies at larger scales to enhance both economic and environmental performance across multiple domains.
AgriDataSpace project will coordinate a preparatory action to pave the way for the European data space for Agriculture that facilitates data exchange, processing and analysis in a secured, trusted, transparent and responsible manner to create new opportunities for monitoring and optimising natural resource use, stimulating data-driven innovations.

Funding Program:
Digital Europe
GA No.:
EC Funding:
€ 1.999.951,97

Building a European framework for the secure and trusted data space for agriculture

Our role in the project

FSH leads WP5 Communication & Dissemination which aims to maximize the project’s impact and is organized around 4 key objectives:

  • Set up and deploy a clear and multi-channel strategic Dissemination and Communication plan.
  • Create a vibrant ecosystem and build strong synergies with relevant stakeholders, public administration and governmental bodies.
  • Search, motivate and involve a high number of top-notch impact multipliers towards expanding the project’s influence on a wider scale.
  • Nurture and expand the AgriDataSpace ecosystem and secure the post-project sustainability of the network


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