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Setting The Foundations For Carbon Farming

C arbonica is a 4-year project that aims to introduce Carbon Farming techniques in the widening countries of Greece, North Macedonia and Cyprus. The Project will establish the Carbonica Excellence Hub with the intent of bringing together civil society, the economy, research communities and governance from across the participating countries in order to introduce Carbon Farming to the regions and bring into focus the plethora of benefits that it entails. The scope of Carbonica is to acclimate the three (3) national ecosystems to the advantages of accepting and employing Carbon Farming practices, to educate professionals of the agro-food industry, to come up with a joint research effort for the regions and to introduce innovative business models that the agrofood sector can effectually employ.

The Partnership consists of organisations, private entities and institutions from across the spectrum, maximising the efficacy and potency of the implementation effort and ensuring that the CEH will successfully instigate Carbon Farming in the three countries.

Funding Program:
Horizon Europe
GA No.:
EC Funding:
€ 4.985.250,00

Carbon initiative for climate-resilient agriculture

Our role in the project

Foodscale Hub is the project coordinator, responsible for the overall administrative and financial management, facilitating the smooth implementation of all tasks and activities. FSH will also monitor all the project-related work and management activities towards Quality Assurance and Risk Management, while ensuring the continuous and systematic integration of ethical, cultural and gender equality principles to stay in line with societal values and needs.

In addition, FSH will lead the activities regarding the stakeholder engagement and involvement in the CARBONICA Hub, ensuring successful and targeted outreach of the project through social media, workshops, events and networking activities. FSH will lead and support the creation of a network of policy makers, aiming to tailor future policies on agriculture, environment, education and R&I at EU and national/regional level.

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