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A Knowledge Lake Management System For The Agrifood Data Space

S TELAR will develop a Knowledge Lake Management System (KLMS) to support FAIR and AI-ready data, (semi-)automatically turning a raw data lake into a knowledge lake. This is achieved by:

Enhancing the data lake with a knowledge layer:

• a Data Catalog offering automatically enhanced metadata for the data assets in the lake
• a Knowledge Graph that semantically describes and interlinks these data assets using suitable domain ontologies and vocabularies

A set of data management tools and workflows for:

• data discovery and quality management
• data linking and alignment
• data annotation and synthetic data generation

The KLMS will:

• enable finding and selecting relevant data sources
• facilitate configuring and tuning the data management tools
• support designing, executing and monitoring end-to-end data processing workflows
• treat geospatial data, time series, and text as first-class citizens
• be pilot tested in use cases relevant to the agri-food sector

Funding Program:
Horizon Europe
GA No.:
EC Funding:
€ 5.678.325.00

Spatio-TEmporal Linked data tools for the AgRi-food data space

Our role in the project

As Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication (DEC) leaders we will:

  1. Set up a clear and strategic Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication (DEC) Plan;
  2. Build a strong visual identity and communication strategy for smooth stakeholder engagement;
  3. Build synergies with European industrial associations, DIHs, data exchange initiatives and movements to amplify our growth opportunities;
  4. Craft a roadmap for market uptake and sustainability of our results;

Furthermore, as a leader of task 1.1 we will document a set of diverse use cases, extract requirements which will be used to elaborate on the KPIs for evaluating the KLMS during the pilots; and as a leader of task 5.1 we will conduct pilot specification and preparation activities.

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