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Democratising digital farming through tailored open source and open hardware solutions

T he OpenAgri project aims to revolutionise digital farming by providing farmers with access to open-source, innovative, cost-effective, and energy-efficient Agricultural Digital Solutions (ADSs) that operate seamlessly even in remote areas with limited connectivity. OpenAgri addresses key challenges faced by the agricultural sector today, including:

  • Excessive Costs of Traditional ADSs: OpenAgri fosters the development and deployment of open-source ADSs, significantly reducing their cost and making them accessible to farmers of all sizes.
  • Low Trust in ADSs: OpenAgri builds trust through participatory co-creation of ADSs, ensuring they meet farmers' specific needs and address their concerns about data privacy and ownership.
  • Limited Connectivity in Rural Areas: OpenAgri leverages forefront edge computing technologies, allowing ADSs to function effectively even in areas with poor network connections.
Funding Program:
Horizon Europe
GA No.:
2024 - 2026
EC Funding:
€ 4,999,987.50

Revolutionising digital farming

Our role in the project

Foodscale Hub (FSH) leads Work Package 4 (WP4) focusing on Ecosystem Building and Expansion to ensure widespread dissemination, effective communication, knowledge transfer and exploitation in a multi-actor context. Furthemore, as the Open Call leader the Foodscale Hub team will collaborate with the 9 selected Sustainable Innovation Pilots (SIPs) to establish a methodology that will lead to the co-creation of additional community-driven Agricultural Digital Solutions (ADSs), fostering innovation.

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