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Accelerating the sustainable production of advanced biofuels and RFNBOs – from feedstock to end-use – FUELPHORIA

A dvanced biofuels and renewable fuels of non-biological origin (RFNBO) have important societal benefits in terms of GHG reduction and fossil fuel replacement. However, concerns are present about the costs and insecurity related to value chains. The FUELPHORIA project addresses these issues by demonstrating sustainable value chains for advanced biofuels and RFNBOs to be tested in real environment with active participation of feedstock suppliers and technology providers. A range of chemical, electrochemical, biological, thermochemical, and photobiological processes will be used to convert different feedstocks into an array of renewable fuels. The fuels will be developed to meet quality specifications defined by end-users in the transport sector (aviation, maritime and road) and in the power production sector (gas or oil-fired thermal plants).
The FUELPHORIA project addresses the following dimensions:

  • The value chains considered in FUELPHORIA cover a diverse range of sustainable feedstock types including residues and wastes, CO2 and renewable hydrogen. The selected feedstocks are to be provided by biogas plants, winery plant and a mechanical biological treatment plant.
  • FUELPHORIA will test and evaluate state-of-the-art technologies like biochemical, thermochemical, biological, chemical, photobiological, electrochemical processes or combinations of them set to reach TRL 6-7 by the end of the project. DEMOS will be using a large spectrum of processes to produce high quality end products.
  • High quality end-products (advanced biofuels & RFNBOs) that meet quality specifications as defined for use in the transport and power production sectors will include: CH4 medium/long chain hydrocarbons, esters (biodiesel), and light alcohols (ethanol, methanol). They will be characterised and evaluated in order to demonstrate their suitability for the targeted end-uses.
  • In addition to the technological aspects, the FUELPHORIA project aims to be in the forefront by supporting EU efforts in changing the citizens’ perception on waste as a local resource, empower them in making sustainable choices and welcome the acceptance of advanced biofuels and RFNBOs. Thus, FUELPHORIA takes a comprehensive approach in exploitation of project results by including technical evaluation and environmental, economic, social and legal implications to ensure all aspects are taken into consideration.
Funding Program:
Horizon Europe
GA No.:
1 October 2023 - 30 September 2027
EC Funding:
€ 9.678.598,55

Improved coordination of national and European bioeconomy research and innovation programmes in the ERA through strengthened SCAR Working Groups

Our role in the project

FSH is a task leader in WP5 responsible for co-designing and developing sustainable business models for technologies and products developed within the FUELPHORIA project. FSH will use the participatory process to draft the marketing plans for value chain products and to co-create business models for DEMO value chains across Europe. In addition, a technology business plan incorporating the stand point of the technology providers in FUELPHORIA will be developed. FSH will be actively contributing to various tasks across the FUELPHORIA project related mostly to value chains exploitation and policy implications but also coordination and project management, and communication and dissemination activities.

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