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Rural-urban synergies emerged in an immersive innovation ecosystem

R urbanive will develop 6 Rural/Urban enablers (RUEs) -innovations in six domains to favor bi-directional urban-rural synergies and a well-being economy. A digital space, the “Community Store”, which is the prominent result of the project, will integrate the RUEs along with the “Community of Practice Suite” of Policies, facilitating rural and urban communities to create strong synergies. The Community Store will make possible synergies and recommendations, online interaction, dialogue, collaboration, and participation of rural/urban actors and stakeholders.

Seven Rural-Urban Co-Creation Labs in diverse geographic and socio-cultural contexts will be equipped with social and technological innovations supporting further visualization, realization, and experimentation to highlight the social connectivity and innovation aspect of RURBANIVE, bringing together various Social Sciences and Humanities fields in an inclusive and accessible setup.

Funding Program:
Horizon Europe
GA No.:
2024 - 2027
EC Funding:
€ 5,596,030.00

Fostering Bi-Directional Urban-Rural Synergies through Innovative Enablers and Digital Platforms

Our role in the project

As Leader of WP5 Impact maximisation and scale-up, FSH is responsible for maximizing the outreach and impact of RURBANIVE by ensuring at the same time the continuity and sustainability of the project results. Through WP5 FSH is engaged in:
– creating an integrated ecosystem of both urban and rural key actors for improving rural-urban synergies and maximising the visibility and impact of the project;
– recognizing and promoting business and innovation opportunities considering urban/rural interactive relationships;
– supporting and encouraging experimentation and innovation to favour bi-directional rural/urban synergies and
– bringing new ideas and concepts from urban-based initiatives to enhance rural living spaces and experiences.

In addition FSH is responsible for the development and implementation of RURBANIVE’s Open Calls and Business Modelling. As such, FSH will:
1. Lead the activities for the development of ≥6 new innovative and sustainable business models and,
2. as the Open Call Manager, FSH will lead the activities related to selecting and funding of at least 10 projects, consisting of 2-4 parties (≥1 technical party and ≥1 rural community)) to develop and apply their own services/solutions within the 6 RURBANIVE domains.

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