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An essential guide to break-even analysis: improving SME bottom line

Understanding of financial flows and variables affecting the SMEs has been the game-changer for clusters in the proper advising of their SMEs. Driven by changes in the operating environment, SMEs are facing a lot of challenges in looking for outside capital to grow.


In this masterclass, our CEO Prof. Mladen Radišić will discuss how to properly identify the business’s break-even point and familiarise them with the basic business profit equation.


Don’t miss this live session for a deep dive into the break-even analysis for accelerating bio-based SMEs’ bottom line.


And we’re going to talk through some of the best practices in this space. How to think about it, and how to approach it. Besides, this masterclass offers a unique chance to ask the expert of Foodscale Hub the right questions about financial flows.

The masterclass will cover:

  • How to understand the nature of your expenses and costs (what are the common kinds of costs);
  • How to identify overhead costs;
  • Understanding variable costs;
  • The basic formula for break-even and what the break-even point looks like;

Hosted by:

Prof. Mladen Radišić is a professor at the University of Novi Sad in the area of Business & Finance and the CEO at Foodscale Hub.


Dates & time:


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