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Digital Agriculture and Forestry: Understanding the Market to Forecast and Support Future Growth

4 Growth aims to contribute to the uptake of digital and data-driven solutions in agriculture and forestry by (i) documenting the current state-of-play and projecting the future evolution (forecasting and foresight) of the sector, (ii) making insights available to the wider community of decision makers and value chain actors – through the 4Growth Visualisation Platform, (iii) collecting a wide range of ground truth data and identifying key factors or constraints for uptake, and (iv) producing sets of key policy recommendations and best practices to encourage/facilitate further uptake.

Funding Program:
Horizon Europe
GA No.:
2024 - 2026
EC Funding:

Advancing Digital Solutions in Agriculture and Forestry

Our role in the project

Foodscale Hub (FSH) will lead T2.2 – Digital Agriculture & Forestry Uptake Assessment Grid. This task will develop the questionnaire-style framework which will be used to gather data via the observatories in Work Package (WP) 4. The grid will be developed to document as many relevant data points as possible when it comes to how various actors in the agricultural and forestry value chains adopt and use digital technologies.

FSH will also lead T4.3 – Synergy building with other European initiatives. This task aims to build transdisciplinary links and synergies among stakeholders, networks as well as other projects and initiatives relevant to 4Growth (e.g. SmartAgriHubs, AKISs, EU CAP Network, etc.). The aim is to nurture an open, expanding, and sustainable ecosystem on digital technologies in agriculture and forestry in order to enhance knowledge exchange

4GROWTH by numbers

7 Observatories across Europe