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Harnessing the power of digital technologies to protect plants & the environment

S TELLA aims to develop a digital system to aid in the early detection and warning of regulated pests using modern sensing technology and Artificial Intelligence. The project will test the STELLA PSS platform over three years at field, farm, and regional levels across 6 Use Case Pilots (UCPs) covering arable, orchard, and vineyard crops as well as large, difficult-to-reach areas such as forests. The project focuses on eight different RNQP and quarantine diseases transmitted in a variety of ways, expanding across 4 European countries with different climate and geological characteristics and New Zealand.

Funding Program:
Horizon Europe
GA No.:
2024 - 2027
EC Funding:
€ 4,998,037.50 €

Digital technologies for plant health, early detection, territory surveillance and phytosanitary measures

Our role in the project

FSC will lead Work Package 6 (WP6), focusing on Dissemination, Communication, and Exploitation (DEC) activities, complemented by Ecosystem Building, Capacity Building, and Sustainability & IPR Management. Our role involves creating and executing a dynamic DEC plan, integrating GDPR compliance and gender equality principles, and utilizing innovative communication tools to maximize outreach and engagement. Moreover, FSH is committed to constructing a robust ecosystem, encouraging transdisciplinary collaborations, and engaging diverse stakeholders through digital platforms, thematic events, and comprehensive outreach strategies.
A critical component of our responsibility is overseeing Sustainability and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) management. This entails a detailed mapping of IP issues, crafting a sustainability plan, and implementing strategic IPR management to ensure the project’s longevity and impact.
In every aspect of these tasks, Foodscale Hub will actively collaborate with all project partners, ensuring our contributions are in harmony with the STELLA project’s overarching objectives and contribute significantly to its lasting impact and legacy.

STELLA by numbers

Use Case Pilots (UCPs)