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Sustainable Livestock Systems Transition and Evidence Platform for Upgrading Policies

T he STEP UP project aims to provide policymakers with robust evidence on the impacts, externalities, and monetized values of livestock farming in the food system and wider ecosystem. This includes investigating positive and negative impacts and proposing Safe and Just Operating Space (SJOS) concepts, which should all aim for aligning future livestock systems with planetary boundaries.

STEP UP endeavours to pioneer a transformative approach in sustainable livestock systems within the EU, aiming to revolutionise current practices and policy frameworks, by conducting multi-actor case studies, developing comprehensive mapping frameworks, quantifying impacts and externalities, monetizing environmental and social impacts, modelling trade-offs and co-benefits, identifying mitigation and enhancement tools and establishing effective communication and dissemination.

Funding Program:
Horizon Europe
GA No.:
2024 - 2028
EC Funding:
€ 4,311,559.00

A transformative approach in sustainable livestock systems

Our role in the project

FSH is taking a lead role in crafting and implementing strategic frameworks within STEP UP. Our focus revolves around shaping and executing plans that ensure dissemination, exploitation, and communication of the project’s outcomes to stakeholders across European, regional, and local levels. Employing a participatory approach, we work on mapping key stakeholders and devising strategies for offline and online engagement, which creates narratives that resonate effectively. Our commitment further extends to the development of visual identities, the establishment of interactive online platforms, as well as the curation of engaging content with the aim of fostering community building and information sharing. We actively cultivate collaborations with relevant projects and networks, with the goal of sharing insights and findings in impactful ways.

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