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Open Farm Day – Responsible approach in the management of surplus food

On Tuesday, April 19th 2022, from 11am, Foodscale Hub will organise the event “Open Farm Day – Responsible approach in the management of surplus food”.

The host of this event will be the agricultural holding of the Letić family, from Čenej near Novi Sad, and the event is dedicated to sustainable management of surplus food throughout the entire supply chain, from farm to fork.

The highlight of the event will be the promotion of waste prevention, and the diversion of surplus food. Visitors will have the opportunity to get insights into the basic principals of organic production of the Letić agricultural holding, who is one of the most prestigious organic producers in the country. Besides that, Foodscale Hub will present a unique platform “FoodSHare” that serves to connect producers with humanitarian organisations, and which recently marked one year of existence!

The digital platform “FoodSHare” is part of the pilot activities of the international project “Ploutos”, and the goal is to help fight hunger and poverty and contribute to the responsible management of surplus food.

By donating surplus food, we contribute to the responsible use of resources, circular economy, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which at the same time contributes to achieving several goals of sustainable development.

More than 50 humanitarian organisations are active on the “FoodSHare” platform. Through a few simple steps, these organisations can reserve groceries that producers set aside for donation. So far, more than 70.000 kilograms of fruits, vegetables, and other food, worth more than 150.000 euros, have been donated.

“The Open Farm Day” is open for all interested, and especially for agricultural producers. Participation is free, but the prior notice is required due to the great interest.


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